Vladimir Filipovic out; McDermott steps in against McGeary

Bellator MMA’s CJ Tuttle confirmed to SevereMMA during the week that Irishman Chris Fields has been forced to withdraw from the Bellator 173 light-heavyweight main event bout with Liam McGeary later this month in Belfast.

Fields revealed to Petesy Carroll on Newstalk that the reason for withdrawal is “a problem with the carotid artery in my neck. It will clear up by itself, but just not in time for the fight.”

Vladimir Filipovic (8-2) had been set to replace Fields against McGeary at Bellator 173, however Petesy Carroll revealed this afternoon that Brett McDermott (7-4) will now face McGeary in the main event.

UK MMA veteran McDermott had announced his retirement after he defeated Dan Konecke in his last outing and went 3-3 in his last 6 bouts.


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