Joseph Duffy talks McGregor rematch, Floyd Mayweather and more

If there’s one thing MMA fans know about Joseph Duffy, it’s how he went about taking the scalp of Conor McGregor back in 2010. After Duffy returned to MMA in 2014 in dominant fashion following a stint in the boxing world, it wasn’t long until the UFC came calling.

With McGregor and himself just one division apart, talk of a rematch was bound to conspire however the two wouldn’t not cross paths and as time continues to pass by, Duffy is content in feeling that the bout never will see a sequel.

“Without beating about the bush, it’s a big money fight,” Duffy entailed. “Obviously he’s the lightweight champion so it’s a huge opportunity for me, but I don’t think Conor will be in the sport too much longer.

“He’s always spoke about making his money and getting out. You know he’s a smart guy and I’m assuming if the Floyd thing came off then he has no reason. He has nothing to gain other than the love of the sport. There are a few other superfights there for him if he did want to come back with the likes of Tyron Woodley, GSP – them type of fights. They might be something that interest him, but I don’t think the fight between us will ever happen.”

With the aforementioned superfights in mind, there is one potential bout that blows them all out of the water between Mayweather and McGregor, though the former feels there are far too many variables in the way of making the big money fight come together.

“I’d be surprised if it came off because there are so many obstacles,” opined Joe. “But at the same time, all the boxing fans, all the MMA fans combined, you can’t deny that everyone is going to tune into that fight which means huge box office figures and obviously Floyd, he is always talking about money. That’s a huge fight, it’s a fight that I feel would break all records. On that side of things it’s possible it could still come off.”

To state the obvious, boxing and MMA are two completely outlets. The focus on striking prowess in boxing is far more diverse and clinical than the likes seen in MMA due to its wider landscape of disciplines. From having competed in both worlds, Duffy is able to see the differences better than most.

“It’s much different, it’s a very different sport,” Joe divulged. “In a combat sport, anyone always has that punchers chance but you are talking about one of the best guys ever in Floyd Mayweather against a very good boxer in MMA with Conor.

“I’ve found boxers tend to hit harder, it would be a very tough fight for Conor.”

“I would give him a punchers chance, when you see what Floyd did to [Manny] Pacquiao, someone who has ruled the World in so many divisions, I think that just indicates how difficult [it would be for Conor], look what he did to Canelo, it’s incredible. It’s a different game, you are looking for smaller openings, you only have half the target, it’s a much tougher game.”

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