Andy Ryan: Paul Redmond will sit out BAMMA contract unless he’s added to Dublin card

Team Ryano head coach Andy Ryan has vented his frustrations at UK MMA promotion, BAMMA. Ryan is frustrated with the lack of cooperation and respect from the promotion regarding the treatment of his fighter, Paul Redmond.

“When they want you for something; you know, they are your best friends, and you can go and fuck off after that.”

Ryan and Redmond are not the first to speak out about the promotions treatment towards their fighters. Marc Diakiese recently told SevereMMA that he had to sleep in a car following a fight against Rick Selvarajah. (Marc Diakiese: the Journey)

Norman Parke also vented his frustrations with the promotion in a post-fight interview with SevereMMA after his bout with Paul Redmond at BAMMA 28 in Belfast. Parke missed weight for the fight, and was not given a hotel to complete his weight cut. Parke had to travel 28 miles from his home in Ballymena to the host hotel, to weigh-in.

Redmond was also less than happy with circumstance before that fight, the promotion did not have a hotel room booked for the lightweight after he completed his weight cut. Ryan says his fighter was furious with the promotion, due to their lack of professionalism.

“Redser was fighting for the world title on their show, and he’s not even in the official hotel. He’s in a Mickey Mouse kip. He’s up at six in the morning to walk across, to find this fucking gym to cut weight, then when he makes weight like a professional; on weight and on time, and he has to wait four hours in reception because there’s no room for him. He wasn’t even booked into the hotel, he couldn’t check in because there were no rooms, and that’s a title fight.“

Ryan says they spoke with BAMMA after the incident in Belfast and were guaranteed nothing like that would happen again.

“We talked about that with BAMMA after, and talked about how he was treated, but look his contract was up.”

He says they ironed out the issues with the promotion and were promised a push for Redmond. Redmond went on to sign a fresh 3-fight, one-year deal in February with BAMMA but Ryan says promises are being broken again.

“They said they’re going to build him and look after him, and yet they are asking him to take a fight in December against a guy, Ryan Scope, who’s a very good opponent. I have no problem taking that fight, but we’ll do it in Dublin. No, they’ve no interest in Dublin.”

Ryan went on to add the promotion wanted Redmond to fight in Scope’s back yard, Newcastle, but Ryan and Redmond want on the Dublin card. Ryan again accused the promotion of not cooperating and living up to their word.

“He’s done it in Norman Parke’s back garden. Redser is your signed fighter. He is commited to you. You said you were going to work with him but you’re helping everyone else out but him.”

The Team Ryano head-coach also revealed they were offered an opponent at a catch weight for the Dublin card. Ryan said they turned it down because it suits the opponent, not Redmond.

“So, then we get offered a fight for Dublin, because I pushed. We’re not going sit by, and let the Dublin show go by, and wait a month later. Anything could happen. He wants on the Dublin show, and the Dublin crowd wants him. Then we are offered a fighter, offered a fighter at 73kg. I won’t give you the name of the opponent but it’s an Irish fighter. That’s looking after the opponent again. The opponent doesn’t want to fight at 70kg “

Ryan says he regrets signing a three-fight deal with the promotion after the broken promises, and says his fighters will not be signing more than one-fight contracts with European promotions in the future. Ryan says Polish based KSW came in with an offer for Redmond to fight on their upcoming card in Dublin’s 3Arena, October 22. Redmond had to rebuff that offer because of his current contract with BAMMA. The contract expires February of 2018.

“I am sorry. Actually, KSW came in looking for him, and another European show has been in looking since. I am a bit annoyed, and we won’t be making that mistake again. “

Ryan says they will not look for a release from the contract, as Redmond wants on his hometown card in November. Ryan says the ball is back in BAMMA’s court now to get Redmond on that card. Ryan also confirmed they will look elsewhere when the contract expires.

“I’ll put it back in BAMMA’s hands. Put him on the show in Dublin. Get him on the Dublin show, and realistically, I’ll be honest with them. In February, we are gone. We won’t piss them about, we won’t do what they’ve done to us.”

Ryan confirmed Redmond will sit out the duration of his contract if BAMMA do not add him to the Dublin card.

“He’s not pushed if they don’t give him a fight in Dublin; and they better come back soon with that. It’s very close and you need proper preparation, and proper time. I see other guy’s fights have been announced.”


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