Firat Dogan striving for first professional MMA victory against Dylan Logan

29 year old Sweden native Firat Dogan makes only his third MMA walk this weekend at Cage Legacy Halloween Havoc, as he seeks for his first professional victory against Dubliner Dylan Logan.

Firat is of course the second All Stars trainee on the card alongside event headliner Ivan Zidar, a close friend who has really pushed Dogan ahead of this matchup.

“Ivan is a great fighter with an incredible work ethic, he’s always pushing me to be at my very best. He’s such a creative striker and I feel my own stand-up game has improved through my training with him”

Speaking of his limited background in MMA at 29 years of age, the Swede admitted to some faults in his preparation for previous bouts and even his lack of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

“I used to train Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid, I quit martial arts for a long time though. I’ve never rolled with a Gi. My preparation for my last two fights was really poor, my opponents were really good but my own prep was lacking.”

“This time it’s completely different, the training partners and coaches I’ve been working with are great. I’ve had a good camp this time and I feel ready, there’s been no complications”.

Giving Severe MMA his prediction for the featherweight meeting with Logan, the cool, calm and collected Firat was expecting to finally have his hand raised.

“My prediction is simple, I’m going to win. I can’t give you the method, but make no mistake, my hand will be raised.”

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