Eddie Hearn: Conor McGregor is bigger than the UFC

The dust has barely settled on Conor McGregor’s successful return but talk is still ripe about who or what is next for the UFC superstar. Speaking with IFL TV, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn gave his opinion on a potential move for ‘The Notorious’ back into the boxing ring.


The Matchroom Sports head honcho didn’t agree with Bob Arum’s recent comments on wanting to sign McGregor to a two fight deal. Top Rank wanted to match up their fighter, Terence Crawford with McGregor if he were to return. 

“Bob Arum said that Mayweather vs McGregor was the most disgusting thing the sport has ever seen, now he’s trying to get the fight for Crawford!”. I don’t think it works. Crawford is an amazing boxer but he doesn’t have the profile for the fight in my opinion.”


McGregor shone a light on a possible return to boxing during his post fight press conference saying that, “negotiations were ongoing” when asked about a potential bout with the Philippino WBA world champion Manny Pacquiao. Hearn wasn’t too up on that idea either. 

“I don’t really like that [McGregor vs Pacquiao] either.” Hearn said.


“Look at Mayweather and McGregor, perfect mix, two guys with huge profiles, huge characters and personalities and he was a bit old. You’ve got to make sure it’s at least, competitive. I can’t comment much because I’m sticking a few YouTube fights on the undercard but at least they are 50/50 fights, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Conor McGregor against one of the boxing pound for pound greats isn’t going to be competitive in a boxing match. You’ve got to make sure it’s is at least competitive.”


It’s not the first time Hearn has spoken up about the Dublin MMA star. Just last year Hearn talked about welcoming the chance of both parties working together which prompted a ‘Dance for me Eddie’ Tweet from McGregor.

It’s seems that Hearn still has his dancing shoes on when he was asked about that tweet once more.


“I’ll dance for Conor McGregor all he wants! We’re always here if Conor ever wants to work with us. I’m sure he’s doing his own thing anyway. For me when I look at fighters when I look up brands when I look at self-promoters Conor McGregor is on top of the tree. I only met him for a minute of my life so I don’t know the guy personally but I do have a huge amount of respect for him. For one, what he has done in the octagon and two, for what he’s done for his business, the way he carries himself and the way he promotes himself. In that respect there has never been anyone like him. The UFC was a brand and it didn’t matter who you were,you were never bigger that the UFC. But now, Conor McGregor is bigger than the UFC, that’s the reality. He is is the UFC that’s just it and I respect him.”  

Watch the full interview below, McGregor talk starts at 19 minutes. 

Ian O'Neill is the host of the SevereMMA UFC Preview show and one of the co-hosts of The Auld Triangle - Irish MMA podcast. You can find more of Ian's work on the SevereMMA Patreon where he co-hosts The Chasing Pack and The Contender. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram @ioneillmma

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