The Lost Interviews – Conor McGregor Talks Title Win; Feels Unthreatened By Jim Alers

In 2012, Conor McGregor was a fast rising star on the European circuit. Competing under the Cage Warriors banner, McGregor captured his first major title that June over fighting veteran, Dave Hill by rear-naked choke and putting every European featherweight on notice. This archival pieces were written in 2012 by our man Harry Williams. 

Here, Conor discusses his attitude and what was set to be a formidable first title defence versus fellow future UFC featherweight, Jim Alers, before an injury subsequently removed Alers from this bout and set up McGregor’s famous New Years Eve lightweight title tussle with Ivan Buchinger. 

This interview was first posted on in August of 2012, which closed in October 2013, losing the interview. Fortunately, this interview and many others have been recovered over seven years later and, with the approval of former website, we are redocumenting this booming time in Irish MMA.

Last June, Conor ‘Notorious’ McGregor (11-2) captured the Cage Warriors featherweight strap after a second-round submission finish against former champion Dave Hill. On September 1st, McGregor faces his first challenger, Jim ‘The Beast’ Alers (8-1). 

After Conor won the title, it proved to him that the graft he put in has paid off greatly. However, he feels he has always been the top dog.

“I was a champion before June,” exclaimed the Irishman. “I was the champ from the moment I could walk and talk and I let everyone know it too. In my mind there is no one better. 

“The fight in June proved to me what I already knew. It proved to me that hard work and a belief in what you do, no matter what, will always get the results.”

Even though he’s defending his crown, ‘Notorious’ doesn’t feel this fight is any different from other fights. He looks at them all the same. 

“Every fight is the same as your debut,” explained Conor. “I don’t think of them as bigger fights or tougher fights. They all look the same in there to me. Never mind where the fight is, what show it is on or what opponent it is. It’s all the same; two guys step into the cage and I step out the winner.” 

The fighting pride of Dublin, Ireland is working very hard in training to regain the belt in September, but McGregor thinks the American is going to have to work very hard to beat him.

“Training is great,” beamed the featherweight. “I’m outworking everyone around me as always. Rounds upon rounds, miles upon miles, day after day. I’m not working to prevent Alers from doing anything. I don’t care what he does. He is the one that is going be preventing me, because I’m coming at him from the bell to the finish.”

In early August, Conor wrote on Twitter that the challenger ‘moves like a novice’. Although this was said, he has nothing against Alers. He feels unfazed by ‘The Beast’. 

“I don’t have any good or bad feelings towards Jim,” revealed the champion. “I never look at it like that. They are all the same once the door closes. 

“I don’t think Jim is the biggest threat in our division. There is only one person that can threaten this belt and I look at him every day in the mirror, and he is as confident as they come!”

“I expect him to show up and fight, nothing else. I see me standing right in front of him until he crumbles. I don’t think about who has more experience. I have more fights than Jim but it’s something I don’t give any thought to. I stay ready, that’s all I know.”

To end, Conor added a few things.

“Thanks to BigShots Sports Nutrition for my supplements and the guys at the Irish Strength Institute for my Strength and Conditioning.” 

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