The History of MMA Video Games: From Retro to Next-Gen

The MMA video games are a great way for MMA fans to enjoy the thrill of the fights online. These video games have evolved to be more interactive and engaging. It is almost like being in a real mixed martial arts fight! If you are a fan of MMA, you can play these video games at home or from wherever you want, whenever you want. 

When you look at the history of MMA video games, you will see that they have come a long way. The first MMA video games had minimal graphics that were not very well developed and could not be played on all kinds of devices. 

Early MMA Video Games

The very first MMA video games (the late 90s and early 2000s) were mostly pro wrestling games. There were games like Fire Pro Wrestling G and Fire Pro Wrestling S with Gruesome Fighting mode. These along with 6-Men Scramble on the Saturn were available on PlayStation. 

The Gruesome Fighting mode was quite simple. It did not have any extra features and did not change till the final game Fire Pro Wrestling Returns was released on PS2 and as a classic on PS3. The earlier games featured just an octagonal cage and a character that looked very much like Ulti-Man. The fighters resembled several of MMA’s legendary combatants like Minou Suzuki, Don Frye, Bas Rutten, and Rickson Gracie. 

Apart from Fire Wrestling Pro, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 by Aki also featured MMA. This video game was released in 2000. The MMA mode of this early video game had point deductions, many rounds of gaming as well as the main game that was centered on MMA rules.

MMA and Gambling

For quite some time, MMA was mostly represented by Japanese professionals only so it is hard to figure when MMA betting began spreading among the UK and the US fans of wrestling. Nowadays you can find various betting and casino platforms available online where you can support your team to win or enjoy MMA-themed slots and casino games between tournaments.

These options are not as pricey as one might expect. Apart from various bonuses, there are even £3 minimum deposit casinos in the UK that allow you to enjoy MMA-themed slots at the lowest rates and win more than you spend. These casino games bring the excitement of an MMA fight and you can win real money if you win. At such a low deposit, most of these MMA-themed games have lucrative bonuses and prizes. 

If you wish to play these MMA-themed casino games for a small deposit, you can choose from a number of banking methods. The payments are usually processed quickly and you can begin to play the games. MMA casino games are fun and a great alternative for those who enjoy the fights and the video games. 

Latest Trends in MMA Video Games

MMA video games have evolved from what they were at the start of the century. The change began when THQ gave the UFC license to EA and Yuke was replaced as the developer of the MMA video games. This signaled a new era in MMA video games and made way for the latest trends of the time. Over the years, more and more such video games have been released and the current trends in video gaming have influenced them. Some of the common trends that can be observed in MMA video games are listed below.

● The latest MMA video games feature big and bold entrances which are very popular in the actual UFC games. The PRIDE model of MMA video games was the first to include a grand entrance before the fight began.

● The new MMA video games are diverse and have more options. There are several fighters to choose from and not only those who are modeled after the legends or popular fighters.

● While nowadays all video games, including MMA games are about new technology, they still combine next-gen features with retro features. For example, many MMA video games will have a cage similar to early Fire Pro Wrestling games.

MMA Video Gaming Experience

MMA video games have had positive reviews from fans and players all across the globe. These video games have the potential to bring an actual fight right to your computer or mobile screen. Playing these games can feel a lot like participating in an MMA event. However, at the time of their release, several video games received mixed reviews mainly due to their features. These changed with advancements in gaming technology and with the introduction of new rounds and combatants. 

Like video games, the MMA-themed casino games are enjoyed by gamblers who have a passion for martial arts. Online casino games not only give them an opportunity to play in an exciting atmosphere but also win real money when they hit the jackpot! 

If you are someone who practices mixed martial arts or enjoys watching MMA events, video games are something that you will love. Now, if you are a gambler too, then you should try your luck at online casino games. The real events and the thrill they offer are captured amazingly in these video and casino games, and all of them provide an incredible gaming experience. 

Severe MMA Staff