20 Bold Predictions for 2021

As the craziest year in living memory comes to an end, it’s time to reflect. For MMA people, we are well used to the madness. Cancellations and events behind closed doors are no oddity to us, and even though the craziness went beyond that, and tested every part of our sport and life in general, we were somewhat lucky that our new MMA normal wasn’t that different to a part of our old normality. It was a weird year, a tough year, but one where MMA was able to shine through at times when we really needed it to brighten our lives.

Now that the rambling intro is over, let’s get to the predictions. Directly below is a podcast with Sean and Graeme reviewing last year’s predictions (and how amazingly accurate they were) before announcing the 2021 batch. Scroll down below if you just want to read them, or stop scrolling if you don’t want any podcast spoilers. Merry Christmas!

  1. Francis Ngannou knocks out Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones
  2. Khabib Nurmagomedov returns to fighting. 
  3. Ian Garry wins a Cage Warriors title 
  4. More than half of the male UFC champions lose their title. 
  5. UFC cuts at least 3 former champions. 
  6. A male boxing world champion signs for an MMA promotion. 
  7. No female UFC champion loses her title. 
  8. 1 or less men’s UFC title fight ends in submission 
  9. Michael Chandler loses his first two UFC fights. 
  10. An English-born fighter gets a UFC title fight.
  11. Robert Whittaker regains the UFC middleweight title.
  12. Brendan Loughnane and Rory MacDonald win the PFL tournaments. 
  13. Kevin Holland fights for a UFC title. 
  14. AJ McKee wins the Bellator title and defends it.
  15. 1 UFC title is held by 3 different people. 
  16. Both Diaz brothers have a fight
  17. TJ Dillashaw fights Uriah Faber, wins and earns a UFC title fight. 
  18. UFC begins a women’s atomweight division.
  19. Neither Yoel Romero nor Anthony Johnson win a Bellator title. 
  20. Conor McGregor will have a UFC title fight AND a boxing bout.

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