Potential Fights for Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal has 20 fights in the UFC already and he is one of the most appealing fighters in this scenario. In the recent period of time, he wasn’t very successful. But, he trained hard and promised us all an impressive comeback. 

We already can see impressive results and non GamStop betting offers at Non GamStop Bets so we had to investigate more. These are all potential fights for this fighter we believe has the best odds of occurring in the first place. 

Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz

Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz fight would be impressive and probably something we all want to see. All we can add is that both fighters are interested and are looking forward to fighting, but there is no official proof that the fight will take place. Anyway, we believe this outcome is most probable and it will happen soon.

If you recall, these two had an encounter in UFC 244 where Masvidal trashed the opponent who was as you know it, Nate Diaz. Another interesting fact we would like to mention is that Diaz has been calling out Masvidal almost on a daily basis and he wants the rematch.

There is one possibility more, which has high odds but we believe it won’t happen. The next opponent of Masvidal is someone completely different according to the president of the organization. Leon Edwards will fight Diaz soon at UFC 262 and we should add that the fight will be impressive. 

Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz match has been in preparation for a long period of time and it is one of the most thrilling matches we would like to see. Both of these fighters have a massive and even impressive base of fans that would support their favourite player and would help them win. There are two more alternatives we would like to cover below. 

Jorge Masvidal vs Stephen Thompson

You all know that Masvidal lost a match against Stephen Thompson at UFC 217. Now, he wants to avenge that loss, and millions of MMA fans want to see the outcome and the result of that match. We believe all of you want the same due to the simple popularity of these two fighters and also the show they put on each time they fight in a ring. 

According to the fans and also the experts, this match has a huge potential and it is the only reasonable outcome that we all want to see. We hope that the president of the championship considers and makes the right choice. 

Fans are already getting nervous and want to see Jorge Masvidal vs Stephen Thompson for the second time. When it comes to the odds, there is no clear winner here. Yes, Thompson won the last match, but Masvidal trained hard and he has been under massive training pressure so he is stronger than ever before. 

Although we hope that this match occurs as quickly as possible, it can happen at any given moment and it will still remain stunning. Wonderboy is a perfect candidate for this purpose and he is one of the best opponents Masvidal can encounter in 2021. 

Jorge Masvidal vs Leon Edwards

Jorge Masvidal vs Leon Edwards match is one of the most appealing we can see and hopefully we will see it soon. At the conference after the fight with Darren Till and Edwards, there was a verbal and even physical confrontation. 

Edwards said to Masvidal that he will be seriously defeated in July and that he needs to accept that. In these words, Masvidal simply said that he should come closer and say all of that in front of his face. After that, Masvidal made a cut on the face of Leon with 3 punches. This is one of the most viewed videos regarding the UFC!

In May 2021, we will see Edwards fighting Diaz. This will be present at UFC 262 and we are all eager to see the outcome. There is no need in adding that the outcome of this match will depend on who will fight Masvidal next. We would like to see Edwards due to the fact the rivalry here is just amazing. But, we would like to see Diaz in the ring as well. If there is a way to have both matches, that would be great. 


Masvidal is one of the best fighters who has millions of fans all over the world. He is coming back and he is trying to achieve so much more than he ever did. In order to succeed, he needs to focus his full attention on one of these three rivals. 

Who will exactly and when confront Masvidal, we don’t know 100% but all of these matches have the best odds and one or more of them will occur in the near future!

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