Is Jake Paul just another loud mouth or does his 5-0 record mean something?

Despite all the bravado that comes with MMA, it seems one man is determined to make his voice louder than others and court controversy at every available chance. When he isn’t taunting boxers and UFC stars alike ‘for being pussies’, he’s taking digs at Dana White about fair pay for the fighters and creating ‘diss tracks’ to further show his ‘reach’. 

   Jake Paul, YouTube star turned loudmouth, has been in the news a lot in the past few years for both the right reasons and the wrong reasons. Booted from the Disney Channel in 2017, charged with trespassing in the Arizona riots, caught using racial slurs in Coachella 2015 and accused of trying to manipulate his younger followers into scam ventures – his past is plagued with things that he would be best to try to forget. However, whatever one might think of him – he has been incredibly successful at banking the cash in his short fighting career in the boxing rings, even now turning to UFC as a future platform to further ‘make his mark’ and to likely pad his pocket even more. He’s also been very strong in forming successful partnerships promoting products and services, even if his recent promotion of several gaming app sites and online slot sites like this have landed him in new hot water with YouTube.

   So has his 5-0 reputation earned him the right to be so outspoken and create such drama? Well if we look at this fights, most of them were exhibition versions and his only real challenge against Tommy Fury never materialised as Tommy had to back out with an injury. So just why has MMA and UFC been thrown into the fold and is he reaching too far with his recent comments trying to call out Bisping and Anderson Silva? Well even Paul has admitted that something might not be right in his head considering he seems to be trying to challenge everyone nowadays. What’s more is that despite his record seeming impressive and his commitment to training looking somewhat reasonable, the idea that he could take on a Bellator match or so much as stand his ground against an MMA fighter (let alone an ex-champion), is somewhat overstated. Unlike boxing, it’s hard to imagine many former stars taking it easy on Paul or even letting him take the win – so we’d be more than likely witnessing a battering of new proportions when it came to it. That’s not to say that Dana White hasn’t gone public with the fact that he has tried to offer Paul a way into UFC as recent as March. So what’s likely to happen?

   When a personality as big as his is thrown into the mix, it normally ends with a confrontation and bigger box office sales. Paul will almost certainly enter the ring again once his leg is healed or take his shot at an MMA fight, but how he fares remains to be seen. All we know is that you can expect it to be on PPV and Jake Paul to be demanding the lion share of the purse.

Severe MMA Staff

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