Neil Wain set to defend his Cage Contender title against Jeff Monson


Cage Contender announced this weekend that their Heavyweight Champion Neil “Old Skool” Wain will face the always controversial Jeff “The Snowman” Monson in Belfast on 26th April 2014.

Neil Wain (11-3) has fought top names such as UFC veteran Shane Carwin and has also beat Colin Robinson twice.

Monson is one of the best known and toughest heavyweights on the planet. he has fought in just about every one of the top promotions including UFC, Pride, Dream, M1, and Strikeforce his CV is littered with names such as Fedor, Cormier, Sylvia, Rodriguez, Griffin, Liddell and Nelson to name just a few.

John Ferguson, CEO of Cage Contender said..

“We told fans Neil would be defending with a UFC vet, now they know who! Monson is known the world over and will no doubt be coming to take the Champs belt from him. As I said before this is a proper MMA Heavyweight Title Fight between 2 Heavyweight MMA fighters….. Not only that but 2 heavyweight UFC veterans one of whom is Cage Contender Champion and the other is one of the best know fighters on earth.”

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