Rubens Wolf sets his sights on BAMMA champion Mark Godbeer


Forget about the French invasion of BAMMA, it has happened already with Tom Duquesnoy, Chieck Kone and Mansour Barnoui. But quietly surveying the UK Heavyweight scene is Rubens ‘The Viking’ Wolf the number one German Heavyweight. In his last outing on English soil he defeated the UK number 1, and highly considered James Mulheron by TKO at Made4TheCage 16 in February of this year.

With rumours circulating on social media that newly crowned BAMMA Heavyweight Champion Mark Godbeer may face James Mulheron in the near future one has to wonder what the German is thinking! What does he need to do to be legitimised over here? Simple…He wants to put the BAMMA title next to his M4TC strap and that means he wants Mark Godbeer:

“It was a great fight with James Mulheron a fighter who I have a lot of respect for. I came to the UK and did what no other UK heavyweight could do by stopping James in front of all his fans! Mark Godbeer is now the current BAMMA World Heavyweight Champion and there are rumours James Mulheron is going to be his next opponent. I want the chance to prove that I am the best and think I deserve this opportunity. My team are working hard to make this fight happen, and I’m sure it’s a fight the UK fans will want to see! After all it’s a BAMMA World Title not a BAMMA UK title this German is coming for it!”

Now, it seems that ‘The Viking’ wants to add another top ranked UK fighter to his resume, and add another belt to his trophy case! Although not a household name in the UK, the former pro ice hockey player, Rubens Wolf is still the number 1 Heavyweight in Germany, and it is also interesting to note that when Wolf and Mulheron faced off in February we had the number 1 ranked UK Heavyweight facing the German number 1!

This would also prove to be an opportunity for the BAMMA champion to restore some British pride given the onslaught of European Champions.

No matter what BAMMA decide to do next with their Heavyweight champion rest assured the German is coming

By SteveCA_MMA

Photo by CornerTalk

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