King of Kings to hold event in Dublin on 12th September


King of Kings (KOK) is an international K-1 style kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts promotion that showcases some of the world’s most talented fighters.

Every year KOK runs an international Grand Prix tournament were a single fighter represents his or her country in an 8-fighter tournament to become the KOK Grand Prix Champion. Fighters from all over Europe and North & South America have competed to become the King of Kings K-1 Style Champion.

KOK is a promotion that is owned by the International Bushido Federation, which has a very long pedigree in combat sports and is in partnership/association with the Japanese Rings promotion, Heroes, ADCC, Shoot, Pancrase, and K-1.

The founder/owner of KOK and Bushido International Federation is Donatas Simanaitis, a very experienced international promoter who has been hugely influential in European combat sports for almost two decades. KOK has been showcased on international sports channels such as Eurosport and Fight-Sport HD and is one of Europe’s most recognised combat sport promotions.

KOK Team Ireland is delighted to announce that KOK will be bringing its Grand Prix event to Dublin on September 12th, where the National Boxing Stadium will play host to a night of K-1 and MMA action. A winning fighter on that show will move into the Grand Prix tournament to represent Ireland and fight to become the KOK World Champion.

The show will feature some of the best Irish fighters, such as Mark Casserly, Paul Lawrence, Keith Levins, Aaron Browne, Craig Coakley and Pinta Quigley, with more big names to be announced soon, and will feature international fighters from gyms such as the world- renowned Mike’s Gym, based in Holland.

By Deano OSullivan

Owner/Editor of Writer, Podcaster, Producer of 'Notorious: Conor McGregor' film, 'Conor McGregor: Notorious' TV series, 'Ten Thousand Hours', 'The Fighting Irish' and more documentary films.