TUF winners Norman Parke and Colton Smith verbally agree to fight via Twitter

The Ultimate Fighter winners Norman Parke and Colton Smith engaged in a war of words on twitter earlier today.

Although both men won The Ultimate Fighter at different weight classes, Norman at lightweight and Colton at welterweight, Norman says he is willing to make the move to welterweight.

Norman is the much more experienced fighter however Colton shouldn’t be counted out, after he used his wrestling to dominate highly rated Tristar product Mike Ricci to secure the 6 figure contract with the UFC.

It all started when a fan on twitter suggested to Colton Smith that Norman Parke would beat him.

“@ColtonSmithMMA You’d get school’d by @norman_parke” – @RyanSmartMFC

TUF Lightweight winner Norman Parke responded by declaring that he is moving to welterweight

“@RyanSmartMFC @coltonsmithmma I’m coming to welter..” – @norman_parke

Then Colton, who won TUF at welterweight responded

“@norman_parke @ryansmartmfc let’s do it!” – @ColtonSmithMMA

To which “Stormin” Norman replied

“@talkingbrawls @ColtonSmithMMA sure is!” – @norman_parke

Neither man was ready to back down from a fight, and when asked

“@norman_parke @ColtonSmithMMA Is that a verbal agreement for a fight lads, love to see that happen !!” – @talkingbrawls

Both men responded quickly

“@talkingbrawls @norman_parke let’s do it Norm #’Merica” – @ColtonSmithMMA

“@ColtonSmithMMA @ryansmartmfc yes let’s go bro.. @ufc” – @norman_parke

It will be interesting to see if the UFC show interest in this fight.

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