Adam Caffrey looking to make a name for himself against Ivan Zidar

Photo: BAMMA

Irish Bantamweight prospect Adam Caffrey headlines Cage Legacy: Halloween Havoc this weekend against Swedish striker Ivan Zidar, as the Rush FA trainee looks to recover from a submission loss to England’s Aaron Robinson last July.

In a recent interview with Severe MMA, Caffrey spoke highly of opponent Zidar, but still remains confident ahead of their main event meeting.

“He looks to have explosive power on the feet, which can be dangerous, but I feel my footwork and overall game will make sure that his power will be no issue for me, my training has been top notch recently, I don’t really think of camps to be honest, it’s like I’m always in camp mode”.

Holding a young professional record of 2-2, Caffrey’s losses have occurred via submission and grappling exchanges, an aforementioned defeat to Robinson and a debut defeat to compatriot Dylan Tuke.

“I’m still in the early stages of my professional career, I don’t think those losses will effect me in the long run. I’ve really focused on my Brazilian jiu jitsu of late so I can’t picture another submission scenario”.

Caffrey spoke of his comfort at Bantamweight, but notably refused to rule out a drop to Flyweight later in his career.

“For my last few fights, my weight has been closer to Bantamweight everytime, this week I’ve been eating more or less the same as i have been for the previous two months. I’m not worried about it but maybe a drop to Flyweight, not soon though”.

Confidence certainly wasn’t lacking from Caffrey when questioned about his future in the sport.

“I probably won’t get a chance to get back in until 2018 after this fight considering the time of year, but you guys will be writing the name “Beast Mode” a lot in the next 12 months, mark my words”.

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