SBG prospect Pedro Carvalho gearing for intense battle with Jeanderson Castro

Portuguese kickboxer Pedro Carvalho is expecting a long and intense bout this weekend at Cage Legacy: Halloween Havoc as he faces Brazilian striker Jeanderson Castro in a lightweight contest which will serve as the co-main event.

During an interview with Severe MMA the 22 year-old revealed he is expecting a long drawn out contest with opponent Castro.

“I believe Castro will be a really tough opponent, we’re both very well rounded, especially in kickboxing, it’s going to be an interesting match up stylistically”

Pedro joined John Kavanagh’s SBG Ireland last January and the Portugal native says he has tried to get the most out of every day in the gym:

“I joined SBG 9 months ago and I feel so much better. I want to be the best and to reach that, I have to train with and learn from the best out there. Every single day I’m trying to learn every single little detail from all my coaches and teammates and I feel so blessed to be apart of the best team in the world and to represent SBG is special for me”.

Carvalho told us that although he already has two submission victories on his young record, he is still new to the ground game:

“I can’t speak too much about my grappling background as I’ve basically started Brazilian jiu-jitsu only when I arrived here to SBG, but either way most of my MMA wins are from submissions. As for my kickboxing background, I hold a 5-1 in K1”.

Similarly to his opponent Castro, Carvalho also gave us a pre-fight prediction

“I’m going to make a big statement and really make my name be heard. I’ll continue to train hard everyday and I’ll be ready and waiting for that lightweight title shot from Cage Legacy. It will only be a matter of time before everyone knows who Pedro Carvalho is”.

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