Andy Ryan to front Cage Warriors Academy in Ireland

Team Ryano head coach Andy Ryan joined Niall McGrath and Petesy Carroll on this week’s episode of Talking Brawls and revealed that he and his BattleZone Fighting Championships team will be starting up a Cage Warriors Academy in Ireland.

“Cage Warriors have been building these academy shows around the UK and I’ve actually had a couple of lads on some of the shows, the one in Liverpool, Paul Reed’s show, great setup and a great bit of limelight and a bit of attention for amateurs”

“I seen they were looking for a fourth academy and as you know Team Ryano have a great history with Cage Warriors and I think Irish MMA has a great history with Cage Warriors, some of the best fighters, the golden era of Irish MMA came out of Cage Warriors if you ask me. We’ve had some great nights in The Helix”

“When I seen they were looking for another academy I got on to Graham Boylan and Graham Boylan was only too pleased to have us involved, he was delighted, especially with our BattleZone experience, having 17 or 18 shows done plus I sort of run the Cage Warriors shows with the lads when they come over.”

“They are trying to build a Grand Prix at the end of the year and are trying to get the best amateurs from around the academies.”

The first Cage Warriors Academy Ireland will take place this September in Belfast at a yet to be confirmed venue.

“I think the way it will work is.. we’ll pick a team, we probably won’t have time to have fight offs so what we’ll do is pick the top ranked Irish guys in the country that want to fight, that are interested in fighting and we’ll be putting them against, as far as I know now I’m not too sure, the Liverpool North West Academy.”


You can listen to the full interview on this week’s Talking Brawls below:

  • Andy Ryan joins the show at approx 23 minutes in
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