Potential Six-Figure Contract in Sight for Alan Philpott, Competes in ONE Warrior Series 10 Co-Main Event This Wednesday

Perhaps flying under the radar with all of the Bellator Dublin and UFC Dublin discussion, Northern Ireland’s Alan “The Apprentice” Philpott (19-11) returns to action this week in a bid to secure a six-figure contract with ONE Championship.

Philpott will compete for the fourth time as part of Rich Franklin’s ONE Warrior Series—a show dedicated to finding Asia’s next big martial arts superstar, according to the promotion—when he faces Ahmed Faress (15-3) on Wednesday afternoon in Singapore.

The IMMA/Legends Gym Kensington bantamweight (featherweight under the ONE system) is currently on a two-fight win streak in MMA, and will compete in the co-main event slot for his second consecutive ONE Warrior Series event. Severe MMA caught up with Alan today after he arrived in Singapore from his home base of Sydney, Australia to discuss how he is feeling ahead of one of the most pivotal fights of his tenured career:

Severe MMA: What’s going through your mind a few days out from the fight?

AP: I’m so excited! I can’t sleep properly or anything. This is the best I’ve ever felt, and it’s the most I’ve ever looked forward to a fight.

Severe MMA: You seem happier and more mature than ever before. What would the Alan Philpott of today say to the Alan Philpott who first began fighting MMA?

AP: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life bro. I have finally got my routine going, which works for my coaching and allows me to train properly. It took me 2 years to figure life out in Sydney. It’s been a crazy journey the last 11 and a bit years. I’ve had so many set backs and fuck ups but I’m the only one who is to blame. I used to always find excuses and reasons for anything that went wrong. Now, I feel it has all come together. Everything my coaches have taught me over the years is only starting to make sense to me now. I have quick hands, but I’m not so quick in the head at times (Philpott laughs).

There’s a saying in my gym back home in Northern Ireland: “sacrifice means giving up something good for something better.” Me and my coach Rodney always talk about this. I’d tell my old self to relax, trust the process, don’t cut corners, and stop worrying about other fighters and what they’re doing or getting. Focus on the goal and take the right steps. Everyone’s path is different. Keep the head down, work hard, and reap the rewards that come my way.

Severe MMA: Will you secure a contract with ONE if you win? Is that definite or is it still at Rich Franklin’s discretion?

AP: So we sign a 4 fight agreement with the one warrior series and then someone will get signed at the end of the 4 depending on how well they do, or they can get a 2-fight extension. I’m very confident I will get offered the contract off the back of this win. I’m not sure how it all works though, and that’s where negotiations will come into play. UFC or ONE Championship are where I want to be. Whichever promotion offers me the best opportunity is where I would go, to be honest. I like the martial arts side and no weight cuts with ONE, and I feel that’s where my journey is heading.

Severe MMA: Are you eyeing up UFC Dublin?

AP: It’s interesting to see them come back to Ireland, and it’s exciting. Especially as my teammate Rhys McKee is the favourite to get signed. I’ve watched him grow from day one and it’s great to see! There are others who could well and truly get the call but I feel it would be too early. We want to get to the big shows and stay there, not just be there to say it.

Everyone is forgetting about me back home so I’m not sure if I’d be on the list of UFC hopefuls, but I’m the one who has been leading the way for many years. Aside from Norman Parke, no one has fought the level of opponents I have from Northern Ireland. I’ve just got to get the job done on Wednesday first, and then we will see what happens.

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Fans can watch Alan compete for FREE via the ONE Championship app. ONE Warrior Series 10 kicks off at 8am Irish/UK time, and Philpott vs Faress is the 14th fight on the card.

Andy is a multimedia reporter, interviewer, writer, with a strong focus on Irish MMA. Co-host of The Auld Triangle podcast. Follow Andy on Twitter (@andyste123) and Instagram (@andystevensonMMA).

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