Cage Warriors 113 to go ahead behind closed doors

Cage Warriors 113 is moving forward with plans to hold their event this coming Friday March 20th at the Indigo at O2 in London. 

In the midst of a global pandemic the UFC London card all but fell apart due to travel restrictions over the COVID-19 virus. Cage Warriors promoter Graham Boylan confirmed that the event was to go ahead this morning via his Twitter account. 

The event will be held behind closed doors and has retained most of its original bouts. Along with that Boylan confirmed that the event would host a proposed UFC London bout.

That fight will join 13 other bouts with 3 titles on the lineup in what is set to be an action packed card. The full card as of now looks like this. 

Interim Featherweight Title Fight

Morgan Charrieré vs Darko Banovic

Lightweight Title Fight

Mason Jones vs Joe McColgan

Flyweight Title Fight

Samir Faiddine vs Luke Shanks

UFC bout (formerly on UFC London)

John Phillips vs Dusko Todorovic – Middleweight

Paddy Pimblett vs Decky Dalton – Lightweight

Nathan Jones vs David Bear – Welterweight

Aidan Stephen vs. Jack Collins – Lightweight

Adam Amarasinghe vs Jake Bond – Flyweight

Perry Goodwin vs Steve Aimable – Featherweight

Darren O’Gorman vs Coner Hignett – Flyweight

Matthew Bonner vs. Jamie Richardson – Middleweight

Kris Edwards vs James Hendin – Featherweight

Cory Tait vs TBC – Bantamweight

Lewis Monarch vs Kingsley Crawford – Featherweight

For further updates on the card stay tuned to SevereMMA.

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