CW113 UPDATE: Cage Warriors London is OFF, Cage Warriors Manchester is ON?

Cage Warriors President Graham Boylan has just announced the the Cage Warriors 113 event, which was originally scheduled to take place at The O2 in London this Friday 20th March, has been moved to Manchester.

Just minutes ago, Boylan announced on Twitter that Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)—who own the long-term lease of The O2 arena—are to close all of their venues until further notice, thus disqualifying the venue from hosting the Cage Warriors London card. This news comes just hours after Boylan announced this morning that the event would be held behind closed doors.

There has been much controversy over the decision to continue on with the event despite the UFC and almost every other sporting event being cancelled in the UK. Just when it seemed that the decision to cancel the event had been made on Cage Warriors’ behalf, Graham Boylan provided one further update: the show will go on, and it will instead be held behind closed doors in the BEC Arena in Manchester.

This may not be the end of this story, and these are no ordinary times. The COVID-19 virus may end up having the final word here, but for now at least, Cage Warriors 113 will still take place

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