UFC 189: Mendes vs McGregor does 1 million PPV buys according to UFC


According to the official UFC website, UFC 189: Mendes vs MCGregor sold 1 million pay per views. The number is listed on Conor McGregor’s biography on UFC.com

“The fight attracted a record 16,019 fans to the MGM Grand Garden Arena, plus a $7.2-million live gate and 1 million pay per view buys, proving McGregor’s sizable drawing power. Some 3,000 Irish fans converged on Las Vegas and left deliriously happy.”

If these numbers are correct then this is one of only a handful of PPVs to break the 1 million mark in the UFC’s history.

The biggest selling PPV in UFC history is still UFC 100 which is said to have done 1.6 million buys. It featured PPV powerhouse Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir and GSP vs Alves heading up the card.

This number may prove hard to break due to the availability and high quality of illegal streams and the higher price of the PPV in recent times.

Although the UFC do not always release their PPV numbers but longtime journalist Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer and MMAFighting provides educated estimates of final numbers from each PPV.

1,025,000 PPV buys – UFC 168 Weidman vs Silva II

1,060,000 PPV buys – UFC 116 Lesnar vs. Carwin

1,000,000 PPV buys – UFC 114 Evans vs. Jackson

1,600,000 PPV buys – UFC 100 Lesnar v. Mir

1,000,000 PPV buys – UFC 92 Griffin v. Evans

1,010,000 PPV buys – UFC 91 Lesnar v. Couture

1,050,000 PPV buys – UFC 66 Liddell v. Ortiz II

PPV numbers via MMAPayout

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