The MVP vs. Kiely War of Words Intensifies After Media Day Tussle

The online war between Bellator welterweights Michael “Venom” Page and “The Face Of Bellator” Richard Kiely turned physical this week as the opponents had to be held apart by security after their staredown ended in a shoving match at the Bellator media day in Dublin.

“I think that it just highlighted the fact that he’s rattled now,” Kiely told Sean Sheehan in an interview at the Tuesday press event.

“All this texting on his phone, the fake laugh, the clapping. You could see the nerves in him. I think now he understands.”

“He understands the fact that this isn’t going to be a foregone conclusion. All the pressure is on him. He needs a statement win.” Kiely said.

When asked if he was, in fact, rattled Page sarcastically told Sean Sheehan in an interview, “Yeah, yeah, yeah… definitely.”

“He’s nuts, man. He’s delusional.” Page said of Kiely.

On the fight itself, Kiely is confident that his power will test the chin of the Brit. “Mark my words, if I land on him indirectly he’s going to feel the power, because if I land flush he’s going out. This so-called world-class striker will turn into a grappler.” Kiely said.

Unsurprisingly Page disagrees. “I just know my ability is miles above his ability, regardless if he tries to copy my style or not.”

“I know for a fact I’m levels above him. When we get into the cage we’ll figure it out.” Page said.

When the fight was announced many questioned the reason why Bellator made this match-up and why Page accepted it. According to Kiely, it was in fact Page who asked for the fight.

“He took this fight because I was 3-1, he asked for this fight, this is an emotive decision to get back [after his recent loss]. He saw this as a gimme fight. Now he knows he’s in a fight. He’s a coward. And like all cowards, he’s not going to go out on his shield.”

While Kiely also thinks he has advantages on the feet that people are not acknowledging. “I’m not one dimensional, all you have to do is look at my fights. Anyone makes a mistake and they are gone.”

“I’ve got a lot more strings to my bow [than Page]. I’m not just a blitz 1-2 merchant. He’s an athlete, I’m a fighter,” said Kiely.

With all that said, Page still thinks this is going to be an easy night. “My main goal is to demoralise him. To break his soul. He’ll probably go out, maybe even like caveman and wave the flag himself.” Page said.

The pair meet in the co-main events of Bellator’s return to the 3Arena in Dublin on September 27th and the war of words doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.

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