John Kavanagh: I predict a beautiful destruction

John Kavanagh spoke with ESPN’s Ariel Helwani in a fully loaded Helwani Show earlier today. Earlier in the show Helwani spoke with Conor McGregor himself. An interview with what seemed to be a more relaxed, focused fighter.  Helwani questioned that opinion in comparison to what Kavanagh had seen for himself throughout this recent camp.

“The level of structure in his life now, you know he’s 31 now. He is a man with 2 children and he is very settled in what he is doing now. That means he has full focus on what he wants to do and what he wants to do is compete in MMA. It just emanates from him this calmness, this contentment with everything around him and it’s very rewarding and it’s very relaxing.” 

“I was actually thinking of coming on to do this interview and I was more nervous about doing this interview than I am about the fight.”

“Systems is what is going to win this fight,” speaking about his prediction on the fight. “A cool, calm, collected Conor McGregor with no mistakes. It’s going to be a beautiful fight. I loved watching back the Eddie Alvarez fight, almost everytime I watch it I pick up something new. This fight against Cerrone will be another fight that will be studied for a long time as well” 

“Whether that is Conor catching him in a guillotine in the first two minutes or knocking him (Cerrone) out in the twentieth minute. I don’t see it being as important (method of victory), it’s the systems used within the fight. I predict a beautiful destruction”

See the full interview below where Kavanagh talks about the fight taking place at 170, past mistakes, future opponents for McGregor and more.

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